An update, with cats. Of course.

I have not died. But I did move in the last week, during which time I also acquired an old and a new cat. I only had internet access through my phone, so I was not able to share all of the sweetness until now.

Magoo! (Maggie)

Look at this face. Just look at it. And look at those tiny little tufts on her ears.

Maggie’s delicate paws, aw.

The intelligent gaze of young Maggie.

Maggie’s claws posed eternally ready to strike, even as she enjoys a peaceful moment sitting on my lap.

Maggie looks good against this blanket.

Here’s a picture of about half the cats at the farm huddling to keep warm. The little orange cat on the pile is the kitten I adopted.

Exhibit A: Sleepy Maggie.

Exhibit B (for comparison to Exhibit A): Sleepy kitten. Evaluate each for level of preciosity.


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