A quick visit to Minneopa Cemetery

This morning I had some time and as I was driving in the area decided to visit Minneopa Cemetery, a cemetery which — as its website will quickly announce — is the oldest contiguously operating cemetery in Blue Earth County. I’d never been before and meant to visit for a long time, because I like cemeteries.

I only had my phone, and I think a ghost infected it or something (yeah, that’s a thing) because my screen blacked out in a most mysterious way after about fifteen minutes and I was unable to take any more pictures (or do anything else for a while). I got a few interesting details while I was there, though.

One family marker was surrounded by a fence, the only one of its type that I noticed while driving through the cemetery.

Champion, indeed.

My admiration of lichen continues.

Pretty rose engraving

Big tree, little grave.

In the corner I visited, I found a single row of cylindrical graves, a style I’d never seen before.

This was awesome. This was at a double plot for a couple, both of whom are still living. Is it a placeholder, or do they just…really, really, really like pipes? Maybe they’re both plumbers. You don’t know.


8 thoughts on “A quick visit to Minneopa Cemetery

  1. Something about graveyards that just works so well for photography. Old stuff, the juxtaposition of the beauty of nature (blooming trees, foliage, sunsets/rises) and old creepiness, and the space is usually open with some hills, which also adds something to play with. I think I need to drop everything and get some full moon shots right now!!

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