January 1st: first official real designated photo of my New Year

What more scintillating way to ring in the New Year than to spend three hours sanding a branch?


In the background of this is, of course, more of my special wall treatment. Ha ha, my “wall treatment.” In my special room. Where dreams are realized, paint is spilled, and cats are quarantined as needed.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, particularly earlier this year — WAIT, STOP THE PRESSES, LAST YEAR — then you might know that I like leaves and twigs and things like that. But not just in my photos and in my outdoor surroundings, but also inside of the house. Because why not. So I hand-plucked these branches from obscurity from the woods around my parents’ place and brought them back here to transform them into sundry beautiful things. Because they weren’t pretty enough by themselves (ugh, nice job, nature) as lovely as they already were, they weren’t quite suited to what I wanted to use them for, which, I guess, was as organic-looking jewelry holders or some crap. I don’t know exactly. Whatever I wanted to do, it was Pinterest’s fault. Anyway, so I grabbed the branches but for the last few months, most of them sat in my closet because some of them still had flaky layers of bark and being out in the woods, they tended to be a little dirty. Not ready for prime time.

However, a couple select branches were like prêt-à-porter or prêt-à-utiliser or something and so I used them as a) a suspended Christmas branch thing (who needs Christmas trees when you can just have a denuded branch for a fraction of the price) and b) a self-standing, rickety bracelet holder. But now the time has come. Amateur hour is over. I am sanding these bad boys. I am going to drill holes into them with my brand new Christmas drill so that they can be suspended from places and hang like the delicate nature-sculpted mobiles that they are. Or could be. Whatever my butter-filled heart fancies. I might also paint them zany colors, because this isn’t actually nature; my apartment isn’t a wildlife sanctuary, or even a cat shelter (yet), contrary to popular belief.

So, look for those updates on my cool DIY. Or don’t. I guess. This is what I did today: I sanded the hell out of this many branchleted-branch. The photo depicts just one part of the branch, and every time I think I’m getting close to finishing sanding the whole thing, I notice a whole subranch or underside I have missed. Whose idea was this anyway The whole time I was doing this, I was watching a documentary called The Queen of Versailles, and if that didn’t feel a little incongruous….

On the photoblogging front, I figured for some time now that I was probably going to keep doing the photo-a-day, but this year I’m going to try to designate a single photo as the actual photo of the day. Well, let me back up — this year I’m also going to try to actually take at least one picture every day for real. I probably achieved this 80 – 90% of the time last year, but I fudged things quite a bit at the very beginning and then towards the very end of the year. And like last year, I’m sure I’m still going to take a lot of pictures, but this time I want to be a little more focused about it and live up to the blurb in my current “about” page where I talk about my photo of the day being evocative of that actual day. I still think that’s a fine and fun goal to shoot for, and so is taking one thousand pictures of the same leaf; I will just try to keep these goals differentiated a little more here.

Anyway, to everyone who’s followed along, liked any of my pictures whether WordPress-officially or brain-officially, dropped me a line, thank you so much. I love sharing my photos and seeing yours in return, and am looking forward to doing even more in 2013. Holy shit, it’s 2013.


2 thoughts on “January 1st: first official real designated photo of my New Year

  1. Still creating masterpieces I see 🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours and best of luck with your art (it’s my dream to see your work in magazines and on billboards and everywhere people direct their eyes).

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