January 3rd

Visited one of my grandmothers today. She has a green thumb. Oh, and she’s pretty good with plants, too. (Nyuk nyuk nyuk.) She has a hibiscus in the back porch which is in the process of reinventing itself from a bundle of bare sticks to a beacon of hope. It is my designated PICTURE O’ THE DAY.


Pictures…pictures of other pictures…are the laziest pictures in the world. But here are some anyway.

A rendering of my grandma as a young girl.

My grandpa was, apparently, a beard contestant once.


At a rest stop on the way to visit Grandma, there were these trees. I liked them. I’m guessing they’re Kentucky coffeetrees. I’m not sure what else has scaly bark like this and leaf stalks (rachises) that may persist through the winter. At one time, I was bold enough to identify trees in the winter, but that was in my own backyard. I saw them year-round. I saw the compound leaves and the telltale pods! But here, at the rest stop, I could get it wrong. The stakes have never been higher! The stalks have never been higher, either! Actually, yes they have — these trees are’t that big.

Later, I spent some quality time with this cat:



3 thoughts on “January 3rd

  1. We are lucky to have hibiscus in the ground in zone 8. It’s rare they get frozen enough to damage the root system. And they flourish for brown thumbs too. All mine are still wearing green coats, if no flower-age.

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