January 4th

I’m thinking about taking down the paper snowflakes. It’s not even Epiphany yet, you say? Those decorations are not even strictly Christmas, you say? Meteorological winter lasts for two more months, you say? I don’t know. I think I’m going to live in my own reality where spring is just around the corner. Because it is! Kind of. Taking down your paper snowflakes is exactly the kind of symbolic gesture that speeds up the thawing of the hemisphere.

So take a good look, because it’s the last time you’re gonna see these (SPRING BREAK WHOOO).

abandonedhousewithtinysnowflakeThe photo o’ the day.

I thought the snowflakes looked pretty through the moderately cheesy, cheap lace curtains that were in the apartment when I moved in. Here they are this morning:


I guess this one’s a cat? That wasn’t intentional.

I spend a fair amount of time looking at and speculating about this house. That’s normal.




Oh no! I spent so much time with these snowflake pictures that I am now fully re-committed to them and reluctant to take them down. Look forward to seeing pictures of them still stuck up on my windows in July (they’ll just be jostling for room on my window amid the tissue paper Easter eggs, Cinco de Mayo tequila bottles, and miniature American flags that may or may not have the correct number of stars. You won’t be even be able to see the sadbandoned house across the street anymore, or sunlight, either). Here’s a fun fact: while I was doing a quick look-see of the internets for holidays that were occurring between now and July to round out that humorous aside, I was surprised to see calendars.com list a certain entrant among other legitimate holidays like there was nothing at all weird or stupid about it.



One thought on “January 4th

  1. Liked the 4th one – through the cut-out snowflake to the house opposite – brings to mind a child’s view through the window on a cold winter day. As for belly laugh day…hahaha!

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