January 8th

Still on a mission to see All the Cemeteries. Went to a new one earlier this afternoon.

IMG_1395I shall designate this the picture o’ the day. These are the graves of a Norwegian family.

IMG_1397A detail of the tall grave in the above photo.

IMG_1332partdeux Ubiquitous cedars line the western border of the cemetery. Surrounded on four sides by cornfields, it was!

IMG_1335See, I wasn’t lying about the corn.

IMG_1338A couple of the graves were attended by little artificial Christmas trees, including this one which was decorated with cool solar-powered lights and this little guy.

IMG_1340Trees: attractive.

IMG_1345A stray flower.


IMG_1352Looks like it belongs undersea, almost.

IMG_1371More lichen. Are you likin it more?

IMG_1381I thought this was a particularly beautiful grave.


A scripted S.

IMG_1361I could say something jokey about this, but I’ll think it instead.

IMG_1363I just love these rows of cedars.

IMG_1369This solitary tree had a very pretty shape, too.

IMG_1404This is the same tree from the above picture. It has two trunks. It is not a great idea to have two trunks, but, it looks kind of neat. Might as well savor it.

IMG_1385Just a little branchling on a sad, new tree.

IMG_1387I like desolate views of cornfields; what can I say.

IMG_1391I also like corn stubble.

IMG_1409The wind carved some lovely shapes into the snow. If it hadn’t been so windy, I would have stuck around longer to just take pictures of the snow, probably.

IMG_1414A tall cedar indeed.


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