January 14th – 16th

MONDAY, January 14th: I finally went and got groceries. I was low on orange cats, among other things.


TUESDAY, January 15th: Unrelenting, gray, coldish days. Also blurry…as if through dirty windows! Here is the inspiring view out of the north side of my apartment.


WEDNESDAY, January 16th: A little garden plaque preaches hope, implores you not to notice the dead-of-winter scene behind it.

It may not come from the garden, but the weather has prompted me to bust out the cold-weather food in full force the last few days. Today it was a spicy vegetable soup and so-far never-fail no-knead bread recipe. (You can call it never-fail if you’ve only tried it twice, right?) Because the Times doesn’t have a picture, here’s what mine looked like the first time I made it.


6 thoughts on “January 14th – 16th

    • They are little scamps, those cats. And nope, I’m a night owl. 🙂 Around midnight I was struck between such important decisions as whether I should eat some more of that homemade bread or watch a movie or — wonders — go to bed when I remembered I hadn’t updated the photo blog in a few days. So here I am!

      • I’m up for work–and in another six hours I will be across the continent headed for the hotel. Sigh. But have a moment to enjoy your blog. Have a great night! BTW I would go for the bread…yummy.

  1. Your posts are always so fun (and funny). At my house we are giggling about you being low on orange cats as our orange cat immediately plants himself in grocery bags, too.

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