January 22nd

When you don’t have any sweets in the house, the obvious solution is to make Russian teacakes/Mexican wedding cakes, because they whip up in about twenty minutes. This is especially critical when it’s already nearly ten p.m. These little babies were ready in no time. As I was taking pictures of them after the fact, I had to fend off an interloper.


In the Picture o’ the Day, June says, “Russian teacakes, for me? You shouldn’t have.”

Behold the teacakes.



10 thoughts on “January 22nd

    • Thanks, Lois! I don’t know much about those glasses but I thought they were lovely and bought them from the local vintage shop as a new apartment thing. 🙂 I am trying to use them for something like what I imagine their intended purpose is but don’t do a lot of delicate, custard-y things…the cookies’ll do, I figure.

  1. Mmm… I love Russian teacakes! This is one of the first things Mama taught me to make… she always put hazelnuts in hers. You’re right… they are dead easy to make… and quick! As a matter of fact…. I think something in the kitchen is calling me…. bye! Lol!

    • Yeah, they were one of my first cookies too although I took them on at an age where I probably could have been trying more ambitious stuff. They’re a godsend if you need some sweets now.

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