Early February randomosity

Odds ‘n’ ends from my camera taken during my absence.


On the way home from the gym. Don’t have a tripod? Just use a mound of ice.


Sometimes I just want to take abstract pictures of my hair. All fifty strands of it. Someday it will be fifty shades of gray. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha! Get it?


I couldn’t just NOT take pictures of cats. I have to document how tough Maggie’s life is. She can’t even bear to show her face to the world.


The cat waves through the Christmas cactus.


Probably the only reason the Christmas cactus is budding (and blooming) is because of that cat.


Not all of the plant is doing that well. Why, look at it whither in quiet dignity.


Half my pictures end up being of cats in one form or another, anyway.


The egg on the right is already a jumbo egg. So the left egg is like, a jumbo super holy crap egg. The chicken might have died laying that. So yes, marvel.


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