I’m here.

Hey peeps, I’m on Instagram now. My name is petitpoirier there because I don’t believe in consistency. I just joined last week or something. I’m going to take pictures of the many fascinating things in my environs. So far I really love it for the immediacy and because I’m a sucker for filters. Plus I thought it would just be a really good idea to stretch myself across even more social media. You know?

I plan on posting many of the same kinds of pictures. For all those moments I don’t have my camera. (I’m told such moments aren’t supposed to happen. But they do.) Only I will put up more fleeting and frivolous stuff. That’s not to suggest that a blog devoted to documenting the minutiae of my life isn’t already pretty frivolous. But I would feel kind of silly posting pictures of, I don’t know, a funny pair of sunglasses here.

Not that I necessarily plan to do that on Instagram.

But I might, if they’re really funny. Or sexy. You never know. Although so far it’s pretty much just chickens.

So that’s another way to keep up with me, if you like. I’d love to check out your pictures on Instagram too, hint.

But enough of that crap. This morning I went out with my actual camera and took pictures of the actual hoarfrost and the actual fog and the actual eerie sunshine poking through the actual fog.






This is just a random place out on the backroads. I like how the silo is retreating up into the fog.


I love how these windrows look with the frost.


That eerie sun.



Look at it…hedging its bets.




I do like drift patterns.


Then it got really foggy in some spots.


These are just shadows on my parents’ deck.


5 thoughts on “I’m here.

    • Thank you! Yeah, we’ve gotten two or three decent-sized snowfalls in the last week. Made everything all pretty again, almost pretty enough to make me not long for spring TOO crazily.

  1. Aw, this makes me miss home. The snow can be so beautiful, the way the sun filters through the flakes. I love the last one, I am drawn to the fluidity of the light and shadows, simple and beautiful. As always thank you for sharing.


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