I wanted to take pictures of that comet, anyway.

Even though I wasn’t sure where I’d be able to see it. And even though the internet said I should probably have binoculars. And even though I was cold. I decided to drive to the edge of town to see what I could see. I was in one of the cemeteries that I’d visited once or twice before. The driveway and little road through the cemetery were so iced over that I was terrified I was going to lose control and drive over or into a grave, and you just know you will be haunted by whomever you do that to.

With good reason.

So that didn’t happen, and I was happy about that. Grabbed my camera. Grabbed my coffee. The place was a skating rink. You know, you might even become low-grade haunted if you slip and fall on a grave. But I avoided that too. I just became engrossed by the ice. And the pretty sunset. And the deer off in the distance, which were too small to photograph. And then I said, to hell with you, comet. I thought of driving up the road a ways where it might be clearer, but by that time a condition technically known as “too effing cold” set in and I went home.


What did I say. Skating rink.


My company, when I was still half-assedly thinking about trying to spy the comet.

But who cares about comets when there are remnants of corn and weeds, I mean, geez.

Oh hi, north.

Oh hi, bubbles.

Why is it broken on the right edge? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe someone fell through the ice.

That someone that fell through the ice was me, okay. Good thing it’s just a cornfield. Doesn’t mean there wasn’t a few inches of water under there, though.

Who cares about comets when you have remnants of corn leaves.

I do so love the bit of light reflecting off the patches of ice in the field.






Me leaving tracks by some other tracks.


So blue.

Back at home, at the edge of the driveway, I saw this perfect little leaf stamped into the ice.


7 thoughts on “I wanted to take pictures of that comet, anyway.

  1. Beautiful Sara, the light and colors reflecting on the snow is mesmerizing. My favorites are the graves and the one with the tree.

    As always thanks for sharing!


  2. Nice sharing.. I love the bubbles, if you shot it in landscape format, it will be great to use it as desktop background.. and the graves is nice too.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    cheers and beers,

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