Some springtime goodness

Spring has been slow to take hold here. And then when it did, it really wrapped its tentacles tight and squeezed until the result was pretty much summer. A week ago yesterday, we had frost, but then three days later, on Tuesday, we hit 100 degrees. Today we’re looking at severe thunderstorms and possible hail all day, so all the beautiful things I brought home yesterday from the garden center to set out on my balcony are probably going back inside for now, I think. (And into a closet, because if hail doesn’t get them, the cats will.)

I’ve been sitting on a few pictures I snapped a while back, maybe two weeks ago, when we had one of our first really nice spring days. (Two weeks ago, we were fresh on the heels of some snow, by the way.) It had been a while since I took pictures with my camera-camera and not my phone, so that was a nice change. Funny how it’s not until I started taking pictures again that I realized how much I missed it. True, the Instagramming is still going strong, but that only kind of counts. Well, I just didn’t have much time until this humid Sunday morning to tweak them to my liking and upload them. So here’s these, for now.

I hear tell that the windows of the shop overlooking the vegetable garden are going to be painted, so enjoy the rusty charm while it lasts.

My strawberries survived!

A blade of little bluestem.



It looks kind of exotic, doesn’t it. Leaves unfurling.


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