A rainy stretch

We are pretty much wading through the rain these days. Well — that’s overstating it. It’s been more persistent than heavy. Despite the fact that we’ve only had brief cameos of sunshine, or perhaps even a full, blazing hot, glorious, summer-like day plopped in the middle of so much cloudiness and precipitation, we’re actually still, unfortunately, experiencing moderate drought over most of this corner of the state. So part of me wants the rain to continue, and part of me wants to see the damn sun every now and then. I don’t know. Maybe twice a week?

Yesterday was kind of fun, though. I took a few walks around my parents’ property yesterday evening and everything sure is looking lush.

Ostrich fern.

The water always pools so nicely on day lily leaves.

More day lily.


The path down to what we call the Point. Trout lilies are beginning to die back along the edges, fading to a pretty yellow.

Water droplets hanging off one of the Ponderosa pines.

Little leaf.

IMG_3387 - Copy
Slug on a dandelion stalk.


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