Phone Pic Picture Dump Extravaganza

“Extravaganza? There’s only 20 pictures here!”

“And they’re all cats! And plants!”

Wrong! There’s also chicken and sky.

So I basically had this post ready over a week ago. I had the images uploaded, the code dumped in here. All I needed to do was go back and do the admittedly difficult work of centering the pictures and adding captions. Everything on WordPress is wildly, crazily different since I was here last. You know what else happened? It became summer. It stopped raining, and it got hot out.

And it seems like I’m still getting new followers. Hi! Look at me! I’m actually updating since you followed me! There are over 2000 of you now, and I am confident that a good many of you are not spambots. (Wink?) Welcome aboard. I’m so happy to have you here. Please enjoy these pictures from my phone.


After one of many rains, droplets bespeckle the strawberry netting.


One of my benevolent employer’s many irises.


Little Bad Cat (now named Blue by my benevolent employers, because of the grayish cast of some of his fur due to having fallen into a chimney) cuddles with Blackie in a box.


A portentous-looking sky one afternoon while we were laying down the plastic rows.


A delphinium that I now own.


Tomatoes flowering in the greenhouse, where they are partly supported by this orange twine.


The second greenhouse for tomatoes and cucumbers. Looks kinda Shinto, those supports, no? …No?


This image just sums up quite aptly the whole planting season for me. Especially this one. Being sucked down into a vortex of mud.


Tom chills.


One of the first really nice days we had. Planting peppers.


You just know they named this hot pepper that so they could advertise it as the variety that takes a bite out of you.


Wild flax and a syrphid fly.




Mom (Spot) with her two kittens, the first ones she’s had that have survived this long.


This is a little picture of my plant addiction. (The ones in the box are at least perennials or veggies, so, you know, slightly more practical than just, hey, pretty flowers.)


A new astilbe my mom brought home.


Milkweed and creeping phlox.


My peonies! They still aren’t open, but soon.


We have really gutted this front garden. I ran out of room in the vegetable garden so I planted the onions up here where the barberries used to be.


Some of the best chicken I’ve ever had. Dad is testing out the new grill.


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