Cleaning out my phone

My phone has accumulated 1000 or so pictures over the summer and fall. Here is a small handful of them!


This beauty is a type of gentian. The flower stays closed up like this in a cluster. Hey, do you like movies that portray a rich tapestry of Appalachian misery? Then I would recommend Chasing Spirits. The reason I bring it up is one of its characters is named Gentian Violet.


This picture is noisy, but here it is anyway. It’s a pretty flower. I don’t know what it is. This is my guess based on 30 seconds of research on the website Minnesota Wildflowers: agastache.


Isn’t fungus tremendous?


Look, galls. My sister used to tell me when I was a kid that these are bat droppings. That is not accurate.


This was taken on a path going through the state forest my family stayed at late this summer / early fall.


On the path were such things as fallen leaves.


And more fallen leaves.


A nest nestled among ferns.


Probably 30% of the pictures on my phone are of cats, mine or the farm cats. From top to bottom, these are Cookie, Fred, Princess, and Short Tail.




My dad inherited his dad’s fishing boat and we went fishing more this summer than we have in many past years combined. We still caught about the same number of fish, though.


This summer I encountered so many dragonflies with broken wings it seemed a veritable epidemic had struck.




A marshy area on the edge of town. I was being bit by so many mosquitoes as I was taking pictures this night. I feel like you should be able to see a couple of them in this picture.




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