January 1st: Suffering for my craft

Today I figured I’d walk down to the park and take some pictures of dead flowers by the frozen river, because that kind of crap’s right up my alley. And I did that, but then on the way back I walked by the pool and took this picture, too. I like the squiggly lines and the hand-painted sign is a charming contrast to the DEADLY CONTENT it conveys.


The windchill today is -15°F (-26°C). I didn’t realize it until about halfway through, and then I took my gloves off to start taking pictures. It was not the best walk I ever did take. A photo project is good to get you out places, but I decided I’m also not going to get out for the sake of getting out when it’s this effin cold. All you dead flowers can just chill. I got dead flowers inside, too.


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