January 4th

I put my Christmas decorations away today. There’s one Christmas decoration I’m really going to miss, but part of what makes Christmas special is the ritual of it and the inherent limitation. If it lasts too long, it’s not really special! After Thanksgiving 2014, I’m going to go into the closet in my second bedroom, take out the big blue tote, find the Santa box, dust off this little orange furball, and surf that Christmas wave of nostalgia all over again.



14 thoughts on “January 4th

  1. Wait. What? You’re storing the cat away till Thanksgiving? You’ll have to do more than just dust her off!

      • I’ll come back on Thanksgiving. I’d like photos at that time. You know, you might be on to something. Maybe if I locked myself in the closet…? But no, the jokes would never cease. “Look who’s come out of the closet!”

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