January 10th: Glorious machine lace

I kind of like the patterns these days.



6 thoughts on “January 10th: Glorious machine lace

  1. Funny. I took a similar photo of some lace in my office using my 18-180mm lens and a 2.0 converter; didn’t come out the same way. Perhaps I should work on this more…I’m inspired by your composition.

    • Thanks, Shannon! …What’s a converter? No, you don’t have to answer that. I’ll use the Google machine.

      I don’t know what it is. I hate these curtains, they were here when I moved in, but I’m too lazy and cheap to do anything about them. But I sort of like them when I get up close and there’s a camera in front of my face. Might be posting some more pictures I took of them later.

  2. Interesting because from a distance – as in before I opened the whole post – the voids in the material to my crazy eye looked like more material, almost metallic even. In fact it reminds me of my ball python, his color patterns and his scales. Interesting!

    • I can see that. When in fact the blurs in the background are probably trees or maybe even part of a grain elevator. Thanks! It’s cool to hear what what other people think of when they see a picture.

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