January 12th


The long foretold heatwave arrived today, meaning it was about 40 degrees outside. I observed the occasion by taking pictures down by the river. A neighbor kid of mine was playing outside in a wife beater. I don’t know who he thought he was kidding, but I know we all shared his general sense of elation at a reprieve from the polar vortex, if not his wild overestimation of the temperature and trumped-up sense of machismo.

I have a lot of pictures from today to sort through and plan to post them in increments throughout the week.


6 thoughts on “January 12th

  1. It looks like a dark magical portal opening and spreading on the side of the tree! I’ve been going through this “heat wave” as well, quite nice really. Feels a lot like spring, deceiving! Trees make lovely subjects, they always have so much to give.


    • Thank you! Yeah, I don’t know what it’s doing where you are but all of a sudden it turned into winter again here, very disappointing. Ah well, what do you expect. It did feel a lot like spring the other day, though! It was good to have a break.

      • Yup, we got winter back too. I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life and yet I still act surprised sometimes by winter’s inevitable arrival. The snow is falling lazily as I type, temp’s about 21 F

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