January 14th: The splendid dilapidation in which I live



My apartment building, a fourplex, was built for a doctor’s family around the turn of the last century. It would be an above-average sized house by today’s standards and back in the day must have been quite impressive. There are many lovely details — scattered in amongst the many horrible ones like general disrepair, bad mid-20th century updates, the strangely-configured layouts that arise when divvying up a single-family dwelling into four units, and the odd cat turd. But that’s another story.

These are the more charming details, though.


17 thoughts on “January 14th: The splendid dilapidation in which I live

  1. Really beautiful! would love to have those in my house. Old houses have charm even if they’re not easy to handle. 🙂

    • Thanks Franzi! Yeah, it’s a mixed bag, for sure. Sometimes I want to live in a more modern setting but for now I still really love my old apartment.

  2. I’m laughing at Disperser’s comment. I thought the same thing! Your taking photos of “pretty” details of your apartment is much like I do with my property. Sometimes (like now), it looks like ass. Get a little closer, though, and it’s just beautiful. Like putting blinders on.

    • Putting blinders on is my specialty when it comes to my apartment. But in my newest post I am facing the apartment HEAD ON. (Still no cat turd, though.)

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