January 16th: My window the abstract artist

Right now the temperature is 6°F. I’m not offended; it’s January, after all. But by gum. That wind. Each of my windows has its own poltergeist, sounds like. The wind is blowing 28 mph, gusting up to 39 mph, and the wind chill is -17°F.

Needless to say, I am staying inside, making cookies. My picture is not of cookies, though. Is it that obvious…? The cookies are a mere five or so feet out of frame, however.


By the way, I might be turning the blog over to my window, since it’s the one doing all the work on days like this.


14 thoughts on “January 16th: My window the abstract artist

  1. Very cool! And mmm, what kind of cookies? I love the way frost looks up close, kind of one of those things that you loved as a kid and love even more as an adult. Your window has a lot to share.

    We’re back to snow too although the temps aren’t that unforgiving.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Love those snow crystals; something we don’t experience in Melbourne, Australia. And especially this week, with four days of over 41 degrees CELSIUS, even reaching as high as 44! Translate that into Farenheit and you may have a conniption!

    • Thank you! And that temp’s incredible! I actually managed to guess roughly what that would be in Fahrenheit and I can’t say I’ve approached anything close to that. Yikes. Stay cool!

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