January 18th: “Couldn’t I just ignore that cat?”

They have a bookshelf full of kids’ books at the laundromat and someone had taken out this anthology of Christmas stories. I picked it up, flipped through it briefly, and landed on this page, where one phrase leaped out at me. It sums up a lot about my life. The moral of the story is, no, I couldn’t just ignore that cat.


I took this picture with my phone, by the way; didn’t make time for other pictures yesterday. This phone will be going away in a short few weeks! One of my biggest criteria will be whether I can take okayish pictures with it.


7 thoughts on “January 18th: “Couldn’t I just ignore that cat?”

  1. All of the photos in this post were taken with my Samsung Note II:

    All of the post between November 25th and December 4th (on my blog) were taken with the phone and processed with free utilities (also on the phone).

    Not a cheap phone, but in case you are looking for real world feedback on phone cameras, those will give you actual examples.

    This post compares the phone camera photos to my Nikon’s photos:

    I think if one does not mix photos, and as long as it’s close-ups rather than grand vistas, or stuff that is far away, the phone camera does a great job.

    • Thanks for the comparison! Looks like that would be a more than serviceable phone for my purposes. I used to be pretty happy with my phone (an HTC Incredible 2), especially in terms of close-ups. It was definitely never very good at anything resembling a grand vista but at least the pics wouldn’t be too embarrassing. Now it utterly refuses to focus on anything that’s not within a two-foot range of it and it doesn’t do that very well, either. I’m due for an upgrade on the 2nd or 3rd of next month and counting down the days…

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