Week whatever (3?) extras, heat-induced insomnia edition

This morning it was hot in my apartment so I opened the door to my balcony and I took some picture of the frost on the screen door during the five minutes before it melted. Then I took some pictures of the frost on my big picture window. Then I wilted dead away from the heat. Now I’m sharing these pictures. Now I’m signing off until tomorrow.


This reminds me of driving through the desert and witnessing a celestial battle between aliens and gods.


This reminds me of a conveyor belt at the angel wing factory.


This reminds me of the foreman opening the door at the angel wing factory and screaming, “WORK HARDER OR I’LL SLASH YOUR PENSIONS AGAIN!” and then shining his blinding light on them.


This reminds me of being up at 1 in the morning because I can’t sleep and balancing my camera on an end table balanced on a chair because I don’t have a full size tripod and watching the frost on the screen door melt before my eyes because it’s 95 degrees in the apartment.


This reminds me of fancy silk brocade.


This reminds me of the fancy chrysanthemums you get at the florist.


14 thoughts on “Week whatever (3?) extras, heat-induced insomnia edition

  1. The first and your “silk” reminded me of some golden lace. The color is swell! I would have thought perhaps these were sunset pictures. Being up at 1 has its perks especially with a screen door, what a love affair!


      • Yes I agree. I think it was over a week ago now I went out for late walk and was intrigued by the streetlight and how it was like late night sunshine! It’s one of those ordinary things that when we pay attention give a lot to appreciate.


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