January 25th: the saddest sage

All the herbs got a haircut last night. The rosemaries — yes, two; no, actually, more like eight or nine — and basil, parsley, and spearmint are doing fine. The sage is leggy and flagging. The marjoram is dead but I’m in denial. (I trimmed it back really hard and I’m going to keep watering its corpse for another couple of months.)

But we’re talking about sage today. Can I bring it back from the brink? We’ll find out.


3 thoughts on “January 25th: the saddest sage

  1. When new leaves sprout at the top of a stalk, pinch them off. This will encourage new branches to sprout off the main stalks, reducing it’s “leggy” appearance. In the winter, many plants go into a sort of hibernation and do not require nearly as much water as during the summer. Perhaps add a little desk lamp to the area and shine it on the sage – maybe it just needs a little extra pick me up light.

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