Exploiting my cat for the internet

Some people might think that the number of pictures I take of my cats is “excessive” or “completely dadgum insane, you crazy cat lady,” but since the revival of my photo a day project, I haven’t taken too many that I felt like sharing. Isn’t it fitting that for all the hours cats spend sleeping every day, they can’t seem to stop moving when I want to take pictures of them? Harlots.

That was uncalled for.


I’m thinking of becoming a pet photographer so that I can take beautiful, dignified portraits just like this of YOUR pet, too.


“I am the star of the ennui parade.”



9 thoughts on “Exploiting my cat for the internet

  1. Goodness, pets don’t always pose for free, but I guess as models they shouldn’t be expected to!! My dog acts shy and horrified like something terrible is about to happen. My birds just want to bite the camera and see what it’s really made of.

    But these are pretty cute. Two diff cats right? The first one looks like, “Oh my God! What are you doing!!?”

    Second, “Yes, yes I’m cute…this is annoying…”

    A day in the life of a model…

    • My gets get interested in the camera, too — the little one always wants to come up and sniff the lens. Seems you can only really get them when they’re sleeping. And if I want to take a picture of them when they’re sleeping, it’s often because they’re curled up in these hilarious little “woe is me” poses with their paws flung across their faces…and of course they move or wake up just when I’m about to take the picture.

      Actually, this is the same cat in both pictures, but the other cat looks pretty similar (another orange tabby, anyway).

      • I wondered cuz I saw in a previous post that you had two of them. The pics seem to be so different in character that I thought maybe it was one and the other! So I revise my second interpretation, looks like he/she gave in to and basked in the lime light!

        I like the imagery of them covering their faces. šŸ™‚ My dog always happens to notice me right as I get camera ready to snap a cute moment, then she’s all shy and bashful. The moment is quickly over.

  2. I love cats, a Sarah, I just wish my hubby did. Therefore, no kitty’s. Love the expression on the top one and the angle on the bottom pic. Wish I had a fuzzy Wuzzy to love….see, I even have cute little cat sayings!!!

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