January 26th

Odd weather day. Round about noon, it started snowing lightly while the wind started blowing crazily. The snow stopped and the sky even cleared up and was bright blue in the north. But the wind just kept blowing harder and harder, creating whiteout conditions at times, at least based on what I’ve gathered from people who are not lucky enough to be hermits like me and who have to travel outside a two-block radius.

Now frost is beginning to form on the windows again, as is its wont this time of day, but there’s also a smattering of little snow clumps that have been pummeled into the window thanks to the bordering on hysterical wind. And while the only parts of this picture that even a little in focus are clumps of frost and snow here and there, in reality, the trees across the street are barely any sharper than this, there’s so much windswept snow between us.



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