January 31st – Chinese New Year

Went out of town this weekend to celebrate the Chinese New Year because you can’t have enough reasons to eat Chinese food. On Friday night, I was too busy chopping vegetables and drinking vodka to take too many pictures. (That was the actual new year, I think, but it was our prep night for the festivities the next day.)

I did get up close and personal with some of these tulips that my friend had bought, though. Here’s a detail of some pollen grains spilled across the petals of one flower.



9 thoughts on “January 31st – Chinese New Year

  1. A tongue, testing the taste,
    unsure tulips
    growing out of season.

    Strange things happening around our garden, green shoots and yellow flowers growing, despite the winter.


  2. This is beautiful, the color is very happy and the pollen immediately looked like little flakes of gold to me. Good capture.

    Cheers to Vodka and veggies!

    • Ooh, flakes of gold, I like that! Yeah, these were gorgeous tulips and had really nice yellow centers too, might have to upload some of those at same point.

      • They sound nice. I wish my Orchids would flower again, I’m struggling to keep one of them alive, I do so love them.

        Sounds like a good idea to post some more, I’m sure they’re a warming sight to see right now. You know I actually am super grateful for all this snow because that means more moisture, more precipitation and more growth in the seasons to come. I can’t wait to get back working in my yard and watching flowers blossom in real time. Perhaps this year I’ll consider some tulips…

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