February 4th

This is one thing you can do when you’re a renter with ugly wall paper.


It looks kind of neat in reality, sort of. I never did finish it and I’m gonna say there’s an 85% chance I never will because that means I’d have to get a ladder and excuse me, I was just struck with a dire case of the chortles at the mere idea of something so comical…!


9 thoughts on “February 4th

    • One of them is some weird novel about French people and the fancy intrigues they have, I think, and the other one is something called Girl of the Mountain which looks to be some kind of romance novel from the 20s. It looks kind of hilarious. I wish I’d read it in its entirety before I dismantled it. 😛

      • Yeah, I would think you wouldn’t want to do it all over the house! …hmm, at some point that might be a fire hazard!!! But I could definitely see going for the whole wall.

        I think it’s an ironic take on wallpaper, it’s not wallpaper but…it is…!?!

        What are the pages from? An old book? To me it seems like a project that has only just begun and is unique in that you did it to improve aesthetic quality of your walls. There’s a functional quality to it as well that I like. Most walls don’t move or make sounds when a breeze blows through it. And ha, it literally tells a story.

        So what story does it tell? I wonder do what your cats think about it! I’d be surprised if you didn’t find pages on the floor when you get home!!

        How’s it working out for you a week later?


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