February 10th: this icicle, you guys.


A killer icicle — I dubbed it the murdercicle on my Instagram — forms around the gutter at the edge of my living room window. It melts and it reforges itself continuously. In fact, much to my surprise, most of it melted away over the weekend, but it stopped me in my tracks today when I noticed what vengeance it had returned with. Like, this thing is eight icicles fused into one. It’s got to be six feet tall. You probably really don’t want to stand under it, if you can help it.


2 thoughts on “February 10th: this icicle, you guys.

  1. Very cool post, I love the name “murdercicle”! I also love the texture of this; it’s got this silky metallic look to it. And its shape is crazy. Icicles are a wonder of winter life that people in warmer temps should envy! Lol. I posted a row of icicles myself the other day although it doesn’t quite do them justice. This winter they’re really building up on each other. The ice on my gutter is crazy thick and in some places the icicles aren’t a couple rows deep. But melting right now… Beware all the crazy alien things around your house! It’s that little witch statue from earlier post!!!! 😉

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