February 13th


The preoccupation continues.


4 thoughts on “February 13th

  1. Well, huh, it seems your window is possessed! I watched Body Snatcher last night, I think you’ve got a case of Window Snatchers!!!!!!! Dunh dunh dunh dunnnhhhhhh! Butt then I saw the headless stick-figure person walking down the side…interesting…watch your back! Lol


    • Oh hey, I think I’ve seen part of that just in the last year…I think I don’t need any more ideas of paranormal or otherwise weird things going on in my apartment but sometimes it seems to lend itself so well to that imagining. 😛

      • I hear you on that, watching the wrong program before dinner can result in some…less than pleasant dreams. I wasn’t going to watch Body Snatchers for that reason but it’s a 90s movie so I said eh, I gotta focus on all this computer stuff I have to do!

        You have a house full of plenty of character indeed! You ever see that movie with Jack Black and Mos Def, “Be Kind Rewind”? I think it would be so fun to do a remake! Pretty funny.


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