February 14th


This is what I ate Valentine’s Day: white cheddar and Granny Smith apple pizza. Wasn’t sure about the apples, but it turned out delightful. Not pictured: everything I drank. Whoa!


7 thoughts on “February 14th

  1. Ohhh that’s great! It looks so yummy, but then I read it has apples? I think I’m with you on that one, but it still looks yummy and fun. Perfect background, perfect pick for V-day! You’re reiterating my own desire to snap some pics of the cooking adventures I’ve been having more often lately.

    Props, and Happy Belated V-day to ya! Hope the drinks and apples mixed well!

    • I’ve seen apples and cheese together in a bunch of recipes and I love eating them together just plain as a snack, but hadn’t gone as far as this before…pretty good, though, I thought! You should definitely get some shots of your culinary adventures, have something to remember the good meals by. 😀
      Thank you, happy belated V-Day to you too!

      • I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of apples and cheese together. It looked super yummy, I’ll take your word it was!

        I’ve not been much of a cook myself but I’m blossoming and having a lot of fun testing my skills! My boyfriend and I collaborated a bit on dinner the other night and I went ahead and posted it. The overall idea was mostly his, I just had the veggies sautéed for some dip, but it was super yummy. I’m def gonna join the food photo fun!

        Cheers to you and yours!

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