February 19th: Soon


Just admiring the delicate-looking little upward-facing branches on the (too big for a neighborhood) (THERE I GO COMPLAINING AGAIN) trees set against a very pretty sky. The incidentals of this picture, rather than the picture itself, make me excited for spring. First of all, I took this picture standing on the edge of my balcony, where I have not ventured since fall for more than a quick step-out, anyway. And I took this close to 6 p.m. so obviously it was still a bit light.

Since it was in the lower 40s (!!!!!!) today, I actually spent some real quality time on my balcony, reading for about a half hour. It’s always warmer on the deck and it was sunny, if a little chilly in the breeze. I also took the opportunity to do some of the tidying up of old plants and pots and a camp chair and a tote full of planting crap that I didn’t bother going through before it snowed (HOPE YOU LIKED LOOKING AT THAT STUFF ALL WINTER, NEIGHBORS) (IT WAS UNDER SNOW MOST OF THE TIME THOUGH, SO WHO CARES), and then couldn’t get to, because everything froze to the surface of the balcony.

Spring lite’s over for the next ten days, though as it will be getting steadily colder after today. Ohhhh, well.


3 thoughts on “February 19th: Soon

  1. There’s a giant tree behind my place, The kind you’d expect to see in a huge forest. About..I’d say 30 floors or so high and one can only wonder what on earth the owner was thinking since it would take out 3 houses easy. Oof! glad you enjoyed a beautiful sunset 🙂

  2. Very pretty rosy colors and I like the silhouette of the tree. Nice description of your experience too, I’m there with you in spirit! Today was 51 and I can see the tops of planting stuff I left in the yard and forgot was there because it got so buried!


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