I had an experience today I’m sure we can all relate to. Back in September, I bought a pumpkin. I didn’t carve it, it didn’t rot, and so I kept it out until past Christmas, during which season I had slapped a bow on it and wrapped garland around its base to keep it appropriate. As one does.

For the last three months, then, it’s lived its life on the the floor in the porch next to the composting bin I have in my apartment like a dirty hippie. Today I decided it might finally be time to compost the pumpkin as it was beginning to shrink on itself a little. So I plopped the pumpkin on top of the food scraps and everything, grabbed a spade, and began stabbing it violently into smaller pieces, the better for it to compost.

As the dismemberment progressed, I started noticing light green tubular things and leaves which I ignored because I unthinkingly thought (THAT’S A FEAT) they were bits of vegetable matter that were already in the compost box, and that were getting mixed up in the disintegrating pumpkin. Finally I realized that I was being a fool and they were in fact dozens of little pumpkin plants that had germinated inside the pumpkin.

HOW ABOUT THAT? Whatever, I thought it was cool. Plants are wonderfully persistent.


11 thoughts on “March 10th: SOMETHING COOL HAPPENED

    • I get a bit ahead of myself sometimes, but not quite that bad. The seedlings will make it in the ground eventually…well, their composted selves, anyway.

  1. That’s awesome!!! So ironic too cuz I just looked at a red onion on my counter that has sprouts/leaves growing out the top. I thought, maybe I should take a picture, eh tomorrow maybe , so I absolutely know how you feel. And since September?! Man, it was nesting inside itself. I remember when I was little in school they showed us how to germinate seeds, specifically beans. They had us wet a piece of paper towel and fold it over once or twice, put it in a sandwich bag, leave it open and in a warm place. Sure enough that little bean sprouted! Then I became obsessed with doing that with grapefruit seeds I found sprouting in my grapefruit. Your image takes me back in time, I love it and am happy you discovered them before it was too late!


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