March 27th: I think it’s turning into spring


It looks like a bummer, but I’m stoked it’s not snow.

If I say “stoked” AND “bummer” in the same sentence, have I exposed myself as painfully unhip?

If I had to ask, and furthermore posited “unhip”ness as the crime I may have just committed, haven’t I just answered my question?

If I layer hypothetical question upon hypothetical question, can I eventually reach the MOON?*

(*Yes!!! But only hypothetically. Alternatively, I can use the hypothetical questions to tunnel to China.)


4 thoughts on “March 27th: I think it’s turning into spring

  1. It’s only unhip to try too hard to be a hipster…well and there are plenty other “unhip” things like… I don’t think you qualify as unhip here. 😉 But hypothetically you could channel China while tunneling to a hypothetical moon…

    Your pic though is interesting, kind of spooky and I hadn’t considered that as a word to describe this winter BUT all this mushy leftover winter is creeping me out! It has a very antique look to it, ironic since this is the hardest winter the Midwest has had in a very long time.


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