April 8th: Strawberriez


This is one of over 1,000 strawberry plants I planted today. As I did with all the others, I lovingly cradled this plant and tucked it into the soil with tender sweetness. I even gave it a little name.

Just kidding, I manhandled them. They can take it. And if they can’t survive me, they certainly won’t survive the influx of fruit flies later in the season! </sound horticultural advice>


7 thoughts on “April 8th: Strawberriez

  1. 1,000…wow. Very nice. It is going to hit 70 today in the Minnesota for the first time in many months – very excited – but then it it back to the 40’s. Grrr. Can’t wait to get in the garden.

  2. Did you speak nicely to it at least! Lol. I like how you capture the light and the plant off center. You’re speaking to my heart with new growth again!

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