April 9th: the greenhouse


I wish I could say I’m responsible for these transplants, but I have done exactly none of them. In fact I haven’t been asked to do ANY transplanting this year! I am taking it as an extreme diss on my intermediary transplanting skills. I will, however, more than likely be planting most of these and more in their final resting place* in the ground at some point starting in probably a little over a month from now, so that’ll be exciting. I’ll get my moment to shine.

*A strange choice of words but still accurate


8 thoughts on “April 9th: the greenhouse

  1. You work in a greenhouse! Oh I want to, I really do. Must be nice.

    I like the lighting here. It almost looks abandoned, then you see the plants and say, hey that can’t be! Nice perspective indeed. Where will they be resting? Are they farm plants? Oh I want plants! Okay…I have enough…


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