The week that was. It was weak.

There’s just been too much going on between the jobs, and that’s why I’m doing this roundup many days after my last update. All of these pictures are phone pictures snapped somewhat on the fly around my folks’ or occasionally at work.

IMAG5602Fallen pine needles in the lane along my parents’ house

IMAG5590Trout lily
IMAG5674Sedum growing between pavers

IMAG5673Day lilies

IMAG5587Trout lilies

IMAG5666This was the last of about 30,000 onions I helped plant this week

IMAG5581Pretty succulent arrangement that my parents picked up at a local garden center (though not the one where I work, FOR SHAME)

IMAG5618Hens and chicks

IMAG5615Lady’s mantle

IMAG5589Trout lilies

IMAG5645Hot peppers I transplanted the other day

5 thoughts on “The week that was. It was weak.

  1. I really appreciate your perspectives on these photos. I just stumbled upon some Yellow Trout Lilies in my area a couple days ago (shame on me I’m behind on the post, will be up later today). I like getting down next to them and their leaves are really quite interesting.

    Thanks for sharing, nice round up. I too appreciate the pops of color you present with the bits of growth here and there.

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