Sweden, Part 1

One month ago I was still on vacation in beautiful Sweden. I think you all — yes, even you– should go there if you have a chance. Maybe not all at once. Don’t crowd them. Try some Swedish pizza–see what you think of it.

I took about 700 pictures during the ten-day trip. Not bad — I’ve taken half as many pictures of leaves in various states of decay in a single day inย my backyard. So, while I was excited to take pictures in a new(ish) place, I was there to relax with a very special Swede, and I only wanted to be taking pictures, like, 60% of the time, not 85%. 700 pictures is still a fair number, though.

It should surprise no one that most of the pictures are of landscapes and plants. A couple feature cats. (Well, one cat.) I will never stray far from my roots, even if I am over 3,000 miles away from my geographical ones.

This first set of pictures was taken one of the first days when I went on a little solo ramble about a nearby beach andย the forested path that butted up against it.






3 – I like to think of this as a sweet throwback to my river wandering days in southern Minnesota (still in progress). Realistically, if I got this set of pictures mixed up with my other sets, I would never be able to tell that some of them were taken in Sweden. I had to consciously tear myself away from weird junk on trees and remind myself to take pictures of things I don’t get to see that much, like, you know, the ocean.


4 – But I just really like wooded paths, so there are a lot of pictures like this.


5 – A curiously dry swampy area with wild irises


6 – One of the narrow paths leading from the woods to the beach


7 – This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.


8 – Wild iris


9 – Big, beautiful single roses in white and pink everywhere. They just love this scruffy landscape, I guess. They were on the beach, in the woods — everywhere.


10 – Inside a rose


11 – Rosy roses


12 – Oh yeah, that’s what I came here for. We went swimming once the whole trip (weather was not permitting, but we did it anyway).


13. I wasn’t lying when I said there were roses everywhere.




15. Looking across the water towards industry.


16. Inside a white rose


17. Unopened white rose bud is rosy pink


18. It’s woodland…but it’s grassy…but there’s sand! How many more landscapes can this girl handle?


19. A few nice, wizened old trees here and there


20. I don’t know what this grass was, but I loved how its flowers looked. Like little chunks of oatmeal nodding to and fro. Mm, oatmeal flowers.


21. Path o’ mystery


22. Fern ‘n’ friends


23. Why’s it so irresistible to take a picture of a path curving slightly, oh, why

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