The week that was. It was weak.

There’s just been too much going on between the jobs, and that’s why I’m doing this roundup many days after my last update. All of these pictures are phone pictures snapped somewhat on the fly around my folks’ or occasionally at work.

IMAG5602Fallen pine needles in the lane along my parents’ house

IMAG5590Trout lily
IMAG5674Sedum growing between pavers

IMAG5673Day lilies

IMAG5587Trout lilies

IMAG5666This was the last of about 30,000 onions I helped plant this week

IMAG5581Pretty succulent arrangement that my parents picked up at a local garden center (though not the one where I work, FOR SHAME)

IMAG5618Hens and chicks

IMAG5615Lady’s mantle

IMAG5589Trout lilies

IMAG5645Hot peppers I transplanted the other day

April 18th: marigold polka dots

IMG_8172Been a quiet week at work, as cold as it is. I took a little stroll around the greenhouse before I left to see how things were going and found this little flat. You hate to see the marigolds come down with marigold pox. But seriously, I have no idea what’s up with them. My Essential Plant Pathology textbook is glaring at me from across the room, by the way.

April 14th: two steps forwardish, indeterminate number of steps backwards

Soooo…you might remember a picture from last week. Little picture of a strawberry plant. Real sweet thing. I was real proud of myself for planting a gajillion of those in one big go.

It got pretty cold this week, and my farm overlords got worried about the strawberries, so they told me to unplant the strawberries and we’ll plant them again next week. 2000+ strawberries fit in three totes, by the way. Snapped this picture with my phone before I put the poor suckers back in the freezer.


Oh well.

April 9th: the greenhouse


I wish I could say I’m responsible for these transplants, but I have done exactly none of them. In fact I haven’t been asked to do ANY transplanting this year! I am taking it as an extreme diss on my intermediary transplanting skills. I will, however, more than likely be planting most of these and more in their final resting place* in the ground at some point starting in probably a little over a month from now, so that’ll be exciting. I’ll get my moment to shine.

*A strange choice of words but still accurate

April 8th: Strawberriez


This is one of over 1,000 strawberry plants I planted today. As I did with all the others, I lovingly cradled this plant and tucked it into the soil with tender sweetness. I even gave it a little name.

Just kidding, I manhandled them. They can take it. And if they can’t survive me, they certainly won’t survive the influx of fruit flies later in the season! </sound horticultural advice>