August 21st – 23rd

It’s been phone pictures only the last three days. On one of them, we were treated to about ten minutes’ worth of rain. It looked a little more promising than that as I went to pick tomatoes, though.

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August 15th

I’m not sure what kind of butterfly this is. I think it’s the same kind I saw yesterday over in this same corner of the garden (on the globe allium), so I guess they are fans of these flowers. I think the butterfly is some kind of skipper, anyway.

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All of these late pictures are from odd-numbered days because I hate them

I owe pictures from other days, all of which tend to blend together when you take pictures of the same kind of thing every day. I seem to remember setting a goal for myself to photograph something memorable each day. Were the zinnias that memorable on seventeen separate occasions? No. No, they were not. On the other hand, the idea of having a post devoted just to zinnias on a given day made more sense in light of another original goal: taking roughly 1 (one) picture each day. Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa. One. The upshot is, you have been and will continue to be bombarded with a ramshackle documentation of the same plants from bud to bloom to long, slow senescence.

Funnily enough, on July 15th, I only took one picture. And what a picture it was, too. That’s later in this entry.

July 13th pictures:

These are all from the shade garden and the regular garden next to it. (Oops, sorry to imply that you’re irregular, shade garden.)

An uncharacteristically pink echinacea

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July 10th pictures

I’m always late with these pictures nowadays. Here are yesterday’s; I’m too tired to post today’s as there are a fair amount, but here’s a hint: it’s a whole photo series of kittens in pants and monocles. Wait, that’s a lie. They’re actually pictures I took down by the river of mud-encaked rocks and things. Whatever, close enough.

I would never be late with these if I just took a nap for a couple years and woke up when the technology will have caught up sufficiently that I can take the pictures and then upload them to my brain, where they would be coupled with the insightful and hilarious commentary you’re used to and posted on this blog. Alas.

Yesterday, I continued to be entranced by love-in-a-mist.

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July 9th pictures

Today I saw a spider make a web for a little while. Then I brushed one of the leaves of the daylily where it was building the web, and the spider disappeared…utterly and worryingly. It would not have been wrong of it to cling to something I owned and then leap out of it later and surprise me, because I also accidentally smacked the web itself a couple times.

The first short wasn’t clear, but I liked it anyway. It’s a spider in a dream vision. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Then I discovered that my love-in-a-mist has bloomed.

I also continued to document the decline — physical, spiritual, etc. — of the false indigo seed pods.

I stopped by one more time to look for the spider. It was gone. Or was it?

Yeah. It was.

Inside, a slight disappointment met me. The whole reason (ok, about 83% of the reason) I grew zinnias was to have pretty cut flowers. And I did, for two days. And then I forget to replenish their water. Kids, learn from my mistakes. Water your thirsty zinnias.

July 2nd pictures

I probably don’t need to mention that it’s hot here. It’s hot everywhere. We broke a heat record today, but I remember I heard something about Atlanta breaking a record the other day (106 degrees), and you know, some states are on fire, or battered by thunderstorms and without power. Soooo. I guess we have it pretty good here.

I couldn’t really hack the heat, though. I fell asleep in the pool for a while and that was a trip. But then I woke up and took these pictures and all the plants were starting to get sad and thirsty but I tried to fix that and I saw some cool things.

1. This swallowtail (I think that’s what it is, I know pretty much nothing about butterflies) was on a total nectar bender. Also very skittish. I was happy to at least get a few semi-clear shots of it.

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June 21st pictures

Every day at the farm now, it seems like we have an hourly cat interlude. Lunch is a total free-for-all. You got cats trying to eat jelly, cats rubbing against galls on box elder trees, cats trying to get your attention by meticulously weaving their claws into your flesh as they climb up your pants leg, cats leap-frogging one another, cats sleeping on rocks and gazing distrustingly at you as you take forty-six thousand pictures of them with your phone while they’re simply trying to BE.

So here’s some pictures of those cats.

1. Mama cat looking up at me from my lap.

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