August 15th

I’m not sure what kind of butterfly this is. I think it’s the same kind I saw yesterday over in this same corner of the garden (on the globe allium), so I guess they are fans of these flowers. I think the butterfly is some kind of skipper, anyway.

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July 2nd pictures

I probably don’t need to mention that it’s hot here. It’s hot everywhere. We broke a heat record today, but I remember I heard something about Atlanta breaking a record the other day (106 degrees), and you know, some states are on fire, or battered by thunderstorms and without power. Soooo. I guess we have it pretty good here.

I couldn’t really hack the heat, though. I fell asleep in the pool for a while and that was a trip. But then I woke up and took these pictures and all the plants were starting to get sad and thirsty but I tried to fix that and I saw some cool things.

1. This swallowtail (I think that’s what it is, I know pretty much nothing about butterflies) was on a total nectar bender. Also very skittish. I was happy to at least get a few semi-clear shots of it.

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May 21st (roadside) pictures

Went for a short walk this evening just along the road near my house. As always, I found much there to interest me; lots of pretty grasses in bloom. No clue what any of it is, though, and I know next to nothing about grass so I’m not even quite sure where to begin in trying to ID it. Maybe I’ll spend some time over the summer working on that.

1. Horsetail

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April 17th pictures

I didn’t actually take these pictures today. (Cheating.) They’re from two days ago, when I was stalking these butterflies. They were playing this really cute game where, knowing I desperately wanted to take a picture of them, they would touch down for 1/64,000th of a second on a surface semi-close to me, alighting my own hopes that perhaps I could capture them in that time span, and then just as soon they would take off as soon as I gazed upon them too directly, much less moved my camera or tried to focus.

Yeah, butterflies are sooooo great. So CLEVER.

But finally I caught up with them on this tree in our backyard. I saw them cavorting around it, and figured I would slowly make my descent to the edge of the garden and just stand there and wait for one of them to slip up and linger a little too long. And they did. These are all cropped versions of a few of the dozens of pictures I took while chasing these little jerks all over the lawn. By the way, these little jerks are, I believe, the red admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta).

1. Getting close.

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March 15th pictures: stupid moths and other signs of spring

Early 70s today. The Star Tribune tells me the high temperature today is 30 degrees higher than average. Here are some more pictures of the rapidly burgeoning spring.

Edit: Thanks to Kocart for identifying my “moth” as a butterfly!