August 13th and 14th

This weekend my grandma told me she has a hard time picturing me working on the farm. Here’s a picture of my filthy hands after a day of doing nothing but picking tomatoes and tying up tomato vines. I would not have believed tomatoes alone could gunk a person up so bad, but there we are.

Believe it, Grandma.

This is what I harvested from the garden yesterday. I don’t know what to do with all the tomatoes. My dad eats some of them like apples. I make pico de gallo with a lot of it. Might make a few jars of spaghetti sauce or something. Was happy about the radishes. I don’t even like radishes that much. I just wanted them for the color. But the first few bolted and didn’t actually produce much of a root. These ones made their way into a salad.

I was weeding today at the farm and was about to pull up this milkweed when I saw this on it. I believe it is a milkweed tussock moth. Had to leave the milkweed where it was.

Pretty caterpillar.

The caster oil flower peaks out from between the plant’s big leaves.


Aphids on sweet corn in my backyard. The corn by the pool is taller than me now and tasseling a-plenty.

May 20th pictures

Today a lot of things finally got planted, transplanted, sown, weeded, etc. I should mention that life in the garden has become fully 146% better now that there are now several new lengths of hose and a hose cart that excludes the need for me to water everything with like 20 consecutive trips back and forth from the spigot to my plants with the two watering cans. Huzzah.

1. My friends the maple samaras are lording it over everything right now.

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