April 10th: iris


Maybe don’t ever give me plants from your garden, because I may well leave them in a cardboard box lid and forget about them outside all winter. If we’re lucky, we might see signs of life.

May 8th pictures

Terrible weather today. Didn’t get much done today, but I was out a few times between the rain and the hail.

1. Two very different leaves — hairy poppy leaf against spiky, variegated iris.

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April 15th pictures

This weekend has been all about the front yard and all the gardens there. I went to the garden center today, and bought more than I intended, but much less than I wanted. It’s a dangerous place this time of year.

1. This was the view yesterday from the north side of my shade garden, which adjoins what I'll call the echinacea garden, although it is more daffodilly than anything right now.

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