April 15th: mail call


I was terribly excited to get a package in the mail the other day, but I was by no means the only one. Good luck winning this tug of war with no thumbs, cat.

The ketten

My 365 project might, or might not, have fallen apart a little bit at this point. It is too soon to tell. But, uh. The last two weeks have been stressful, so I cried “uncle” to my self-imposed photo obligations.

I’m going to get back into it this month. Tragically, the days I lost can never be recovered, but I will try to repay my debt society. In the meantime, here are some picture of a cat, the one I refer to as the kitten, a word I’ve taken to pronouncing “ketten” in relation to her and her alone. Then I played with these pictures on Gimp, because it’s fun.







January 13th: This is why we can’t have nice pictures

Is this what you wanted, cats? Are you happy?


Caption options: “Why can’t we be friends?” or “What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding?”

They — June, the biter; Maggie, the bitten — were having a precious moment (an actual one, so basically nothing like the figurines bearing that name). They were grooming one another and looking sweet and loving in general. Any time cats are doing anything, my camera and I are drawn to them. “How precious this picture might be,” I said. “This might be the Picture of the Day.” But just as quickly, the moment was over and the cats were a blur of snarling she-demons. I don’t like any of the other pictures I took today and I don’t think the ghosts are out tonight, so this is what we’re going with. Sometimes you just have to embrace the fact that cats are gonna bite the crap out of each other, and that’s life.

If you’re aching from a keen deficiency in leaf and moss and fungus pictures, and you missed my post earlier, you’re in luck. Let me be your dealer.

January 4th

I put my Christmas decorations away today. There’s one Christmas decoration I’m really going to miss, but part of what makes Christmas special is the ritual of it and the inherent limitation. If it lasts too long, it’s not really special! After Thanksgiving 2014, I’m going to go into the closet in my second bedroom, take out the big blue tote, find the Santa box, dust off this little orange furball, and surf that Christmas wave of nostalgia all over again.


January 29th


When you’re a cat, everything is a toy and all manner of environments can be a brand new hidey-hole. Today, June burrowed down into the quilt hanging off the corner of my unmade bed and made a little pocket for herself. I thought this was cute enough by itself, but when she nestled in further and I got closer to try to take pictures of her all the way inside the blanket, I noticed she was in there with the little sheep ornament, which is a prize of sorts for her.


It was hard to get a halfway okay picture of her inside the blanket because it was very dark in there. And then cats get bent out of shape after you start bothering them in their special space, so she left a little bit after I took this picture.

January 24th – 27th

January 24th
IMG_1859 - Copy

From now on, I will endeavor to have a cat walking into as many pictures as possible. This is a picture of Banagrams I was playing against no one but myself.

January 25th


While I was at a stop sign in the middle of nowhere, I was trying to take pictures of the snow that was coming down, but when that didn’t work I just decided to keep going with my camera set on the dash.

January 26th

Some days I don’t get a lot accomplished besides hanging up a shelf. Yesterday was one of those days. But it did allow me to display my world-class collection of Fossil tins (still am not totally sure what actually comes inside of the Fossil tins — stuff can’t afford, most likely) and my more modest collection of various animal figurines.

January 27th

IMG_1904 - Copy
Today I painted a branch for a while, just because I could.