I had an experience today I’m sure we can all relate to. Back in September, I bought a pumpkin. I didn’t carve it, it didn’t rot, and so I kept it out until past Christmas, during which season I had slapped a bow on it and wrapped garland around its base to keep it appropriate. As one does.

For the last three months, then, it’s lived its life on the the floor in the porch next to the composting bin I have in my apartment like a dirty hippie. Today I decided it might finally be time to compost the pumpkin as it was beginning to shrink on itself a little. So I plopped the pumpkin on top of the food scraps and everything, grabbed a spade, and began stabbing it violently into smaller pieces, the better for it to compost.

As the dismemberment progressed, I started noticing light green tubular things and leaves which I ignored because I unthinkingly thought (THAT’S A FEAT) they were bits of vegetable matter that were already in the compost box, and that were getting mixed up in the disintegrating pumpkin. Finally I realized that I was being a fool and they were in fact dozens of little pumpkin plants that had germinated inside the pumpkin.

HOW ABOUT THAT? Whatever, I thought it was cool. Plants are wonderfully persistent.

Morning glories

It took some time, but the morning glories are now blooming. I think I prefer the look of the flower unopened to opened. That’s because the former, in its fully furled-up stage, looks like a magical unicorn horn made out of candy and rainbows. And it still looks quite nice and delicate as it’s beginning to open.

It rained earlier today, so that was novel.

In other growing things news, here is some salsa I made with a variety of grape and cherry tomatoes from the farm.

And here is the first pumpkin from one of my vines. A stiff wind could knock it over, but I love it anyway.

July 10th pictures

I’m always late with these pictures nowadays. Here are yesterday’s; I’m too tired to post today’s as there are a fair amount, but here’s a hint: it’s a whole photo series of kittens in pants and monocles. Wait, that’s a lie. They’re actually pictures I took down by the river of mud-encaked rocks and things. Whatever, close enough.

I would never be late with these if I just took a nap for a couple years and woke up when the technology will have caught up sufficiently that I can take the pictures and then upload them to my brain, where they would be coupled with the insightful and hilarious commentary you’re used to and posted on this blog. Alas.

Yesterday, I continued to be entranced by love-in-a-mist.

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