March 27th: I think it’s turning into spring


It looks like a bummer, but I’m stoked it’s not snow.

If I say “stoked” AND “bummer” in the same sentence, have I exposed myself as painfully unhip?

If I had to ask, and furthermore posited “unhip”ness as the crime I may have just committed, haven’t I just answered my question?

If I layer hypothetical question upon hypothetical question, can I eventually reach the MOON?*

(*Yes!!! But only hypothetically. Alternatively, I can use the hypothetical questions to tunnel to China.)

A rainy stretch

We are pretty much wading through the rain these days. Well — that’s overstating it. It’s been more persistent than heavy. Despite the fact that we’ve only had brief cameos of sunshine, or perhaps even a full, blazing hot, glorious, summer-like day plopped in the middle of so much cloudiness and precipitation, we’re actually still, unfortunately, experiencing moderate drought over most of this corner of the state. So part of me wants the rain to continue, and part of me wants to see the damn sun every now and then. I don’t know. Maybe twice a week?

Yesterday was kind of fun, though. I took a few walks around my parents’ property yesterday evening and everything sure is looking lush.

Ostrich fern.

The water always pools so nicely on day lily leaves.

More day lily.


The path down to what we call the Point. Trout lilies are beginning to die back along the edges, fading to a pretty yellow.

Water droplets hanging off one of the Ponderosa pines.

Little leaf.

IMG_3387 - Copy
Slug on a dandelion stalk.

July 19th pictures — phone picture edition

A lot of my life at the farm revolves around tomatoes lately. Today I weeded in the hoop house, and that was rather warm. Other days I’ve been tying the tomato vines to various posts. Unwieldy things, they are. Tomatoes like to really scream their presence at you with their sharp smell and the green gunk they leave all over your skin and arms if you spend any amount of time pruning and pinning them and whatnot. A rather sensory experience.

They’re taller than me now.

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July 18th pictures

My bike kind of self-destructed on me in the middle of a ride today so I took these pictures while I was walking back to the house to get the truck to pick up the bike. Dumb old bike, one wheel stopped turning all of a sudden. It didn’t yield to my overwhelming mechanical know-how, which consisted of laying the bike down on its side, attempting to manually turn the wheel, and then staring at it for a while as I thought about how I didn’t even know how much I didn’t know about why the wheel wasn’t turning. Ohhhh, well.

Along the side of the road, in the weeds right up against the cornfield, I found what looks to be some asparagus, obviously gone to seed. Kind of purdy. Guessing it drifted in from the nearby farmstead/

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June 20th pictures

Yesterday, while other parts of the state got pelted — most notably Duluth, which experienced severe flooding — we just got a kind of gentle spittle sort of rain. Enough to get the mosquitoes a-dancin’. At the farm it rained on us a little bit, on and off throughout the day, keeping us cool as we weeded and planted, but nothing much happened in our region until later in the early evening. Finally everything got a nice little drink. Some plants, a little too much.

Right before it started raining at home, I got to harvest a few things around the yard. It is not exactly a feast but it all was good. The basil went in salad and on grilled cheese. Raspberries in smoothie. (I now have to fight the birds and daddy long legs for what’s left of the fruit.) Green onion in salad. Kohlrabi, still waiting to be eaten.


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May 23rd pictures

I will probably be including regular corn updates from here on out, with such folksy commentary as, “Wull, heck, thad’ll be knee-high by da fourt’ a JuhLY fer SHUR.” By the way — well heck, that corn will be knee-high by the fourth of July for sure.

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May 5th pictures: the morel of the story

Had some issues today with my lens and condensation so I am really not happy with how most of my pictures came out, but I did the best I could to fix ’em all up all nice and pretty afterwords. And I found so many kinds of fungus today, after two days’ worth of torrential rainfall, that I can’t help but share some of it.

1. A morel, the biggest and last one I found today. (Only the second time, ever, that I’ve found any.) Unfortunately it looked a little funky inside, so I didn’t eat it.

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May 4th pictures

Got lots done in the garden today, and meant to share some pictures of that, but a downpour in the afternoon chased me inside before I could realize those plans. By the time the weather cleared up I realized that no one really needs to see more pictures of pare swaths of soil with my helpful label that there are lunaria seeds underneath them.

But maybe I’ll post some of those tomorrow anyway. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the late afternoon/sunset-y sky.

1. Water in cornfields

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