April 16th: it’s spring, right?


This picture’s taken inside the chicken barn. It was a gloomy day Wednesday and I loved how appropriately moody it was looking out, cobwebs, cracked window, black cat and all. This one’s another phone picture.

February 8th


Today it was briefly snowing and sunshining at the same time.

This is an abandoned farmstead where I took pictures this summer. I wanna take more pictures there but doing that makes me feel a little anxious and like I have to go under cover of darkness to go do that and that doesn’t exactly work but there’s not even a house there anymore AND no “no trespassing” sign, so I’m sure legally that means I can trespass like crazy.

Wandering in the country

There’s this old farmhouse I drive by a lot, but the house is now gone. A sign with the name of the couple that used to live there remains, along with the barn, a silo, some outbuildings, some pretty, pretty flowers, lots of mosquitoes, etc. I went walking around a little bit taking some pictures a couple weeks ago. And I took a few pictures of this electrical…station…buzzing…place on the same evening.





























I wanted to take pictures of that comet, anyway.

Even though I wasn’t sure where I’d be able to see it. And even though the internet said I should probably have binoculars. And even though I was cold. I decided to drive to the edge of town to see what I could see. I was in one of the cemeteries that I’d visited once or twice before. The driveway and little road through the cemetery were so iced over that I was terrified I was going to lose control and drive over or into a grave, and you just know you will be haunted by whomever you do that to.

With good reason.

So that didn’t happen, and I was happy about that. Grabbed my camera. Grabbed my coffee. The place was a skating rink. You know, you might even become low-grade haunted if you slip and fall on a grave. But I avoided that too. I just became engrossed by the ice. And the pretty sunset. And the deer off in the distance, which were too small to photograph. And then I said, to hell with you, comet. I thought of driving up the road a ways where it might be clearer, but by that time a condition technically known as “too effing cold” set in and I went home.


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I’m here.

Hey peeps, I’m on Instagram now. My name is petitpoirier there because I don’t believe in consistency. I just joined last week or something. I’m going to take pictures of the many fascinating things in my environs. So far I really love it for the immediacy and because I’m a sucker for filters. Plus I thought it would just be a really good idea to stretch myself across even more social media. You know?

I plan on posting many of the same kinds of pictures. For all those moments I don’t have my camera. (I’m told such moments aren’t supposed to happen. But they do.) Only I will put up more fleeting and frivolous stuff. That’s not to suggest that a blog devoted to documenting the minutiae of my life isn’t already pretty frivolous. But I would feel kind of silly posting pictures of, I don’t know, a funny pair of sunglasses here.

Not that I necessarily plan to do that on Instagram.

But I might, if they’re really funny. Or sexy. You never know. Although so far it’s pretty much just chickens.

So that’s another way to keep up with me, if you like. I’d love to check out your pictures on Instagram too, hint.

But enough of that crap. This morning I went out with my actual camera and took pictures of the actual hoarfrost and the actual fog and the actual eerie sunshine poking through the actual fog.


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Chickens, cats, circle of life

I took these pictures yesterday when the outside door to the room where all the young hens live was open. I haven’t seen them in a few weeks and my, how they’ve grown. It’s enough to make a gal’s heart swell with pride even though I have exactly nothing to do with their well-being and no reason to take pride in them.


They got quite a range of chickens this year, and they’re so pretty. The eggs will look fine all together, too.


This gal’s a little prima donna, standing in the spotlight like that.


Just look at ’em all.


Outside the barn, the cats gather. You can hardly tell they’ve been there, though. We feed them cracked eggs out there.


“I would like more eggs.”


This is one of June’s two brothers. This is his “I did not consent to be on camera” pose.