I wanted to take pictures of that comet, anyway.

Even though I wasn’t sure where I’d be able to see it. And even though the internet said I should probably have binoculars. And even though I was cold. I decided to drive to the edge of town to see what I could see. I was in one of the cemeteries that I’d visited once or twice before. The driveway and little road through the cemetery were so iced over that I was terrified I was going to lose control and drive over or into a grave, and you just know you will be haunted by whomever you do that to.

With good reason.

So that didn’t happen, and I was happy about that. Grabbed my camera. Grabbed my coffee. The place was a skating rink. You know, you might even become low-grade haunted if you slip and fall on a grave. But I avoided that too. I just became engrossed by the ice. And the pretty sunset. And the deer off in the distance, which were too small to photograph. And then I said, to hell with you, comet. I thought of driving up the road a ways where it might be clearer, but by that time a condition technically known as “too effing cold” set in and I went home.


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Randomosity in the midst of a move

So even though I’ve been moving in for over a month now, and I don’t actually own all that much stuff, I am still naturally trying to get settled in. Because that’s how I roll. Projects are in disarray. So are possessions in general. So are cats. My cats are on day 3 of the Togetherness phase of their acquaintance. Four times in the last half hour the big one has jumped up onto the armchair with me — the only really comfortable chair in the apartment — and been dismayed to find that I still have the kitten sitting on my lap.

YOU AGAIN, I can just feel her thinking. The first couple of times she let out the cat equivalent of a shriek and beaned the kitten in the face a couple times with her freshly clipped paws. The third time she just let out an insulted, high-pitched meow and then crawled onto the adjacent coffee table. As I’m typing this, she has freshly jumped up onto the armchair again, didn’t even spare a glance at the kitten, and sat on the back of the armchair for a while as I waited for her to assault the kitten and, in the process, me. The fifth time, she sat on the left side for a minute and looked at the kitten, then leaned forward like she was going to sniff her but changed her mind and swatted her on the nose again.

So anyway, some pictures from the last few days. First things first. How are the cats?

Well, they’re adorable, as always.

Little kitten, freed from her spare bedroom.

I have been doing crafty things. Like making an earring holder thing.

Orange sticky tack Mary and Jesus (I had a cool feather headpiece for her once upon a time), and the bad watercolor apparently dating to 1966, the piece that was in the frame that I converted to an earring holder, the real motivation behind the purchase of this particular painting, which I felt too bad to reveal to the cashier at the thrift store, who proclaimed the painting neat. But maybe she was just being polite.

Baking colored-on porcelain dresser knobs, one of about eighty-seven pieces of furniture I am revamping (NOT PICTURED). I didn’t bake them long enough because it started smelling chemical-y. But then the colored-on didn’t really set. I will try to provide some closure to this story at a later date, about whether I was able to bake them further and whether or not the color smeared.

The kitchen window ledges have become a repository for pretty much every item I own that is smaller than about an inch and a half.

An unfocused view out the living room window, at my rickety balcony, and of the stains that are either on the other side of the innermost layer of glass, or on the outside, largely inaccessible outer layer of glass. Really old windows.

Unfocused view the second, at the apparently abandoned and somewhat creepy house across the street.

A sunrise from last week, tonight’s sunset

Sometimes I am wake early enough to see some nice sunrises. Sometimes. Here was one such instance, last week.

Where I live now is not so secluded; there’s no forest and river in the backyard. I just have to go for a short jaunt to go to my old stomping grounds for pictures. Sunset pictures will be more difficult. My parents’ house faces west. There’s a nice clear view of the sky there. The apartment faces south. But I can poke my head out the door of the bedroom (I don’t quite trust the balcony) and get a picture of nice sunsets, as I tried tonight. Here’s what the sunset looked like from my room tonight.

It still kind of looks like I live out in the middle of nowhere.

June 26th pictures: some pictures before I melt

I write this sitting on a blanket in the shade of the front yard. Little bugs are dive-bombing my face. I am told that by about 4 or 5 o’clock, the heat index will have reached the triple digits. I am trying to conserve energy for later wanderings and picture-takings while remaining fully aware that I might melt entirely by then. Here’s to hoping I have some pictures for you later.

In the meantime, here are some shots from last night’s bike ride. How is it it’s always bike ride day on the day when we have strong southerly winds, south being the direction I’m typically pedaling back homewards to? You might say, well, Sarah, just ride your bike another day. But it doesn’t work like that. I’ve got a system. It had to be yesterday. And it was windy. Somehow I persevered, though.


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June 20th pictures

Yesterday, while other parts of the state got pelted — most notably Duluth, which experienced severe flooding — we just got a kind of gentle spittle sort of rain. Enough to get the mosquitoes a-dancin’. At the farm it rained on us a little bit, on and off throughout the day, keeping us cool as we weeded and planted, but nothing much happened in our region until later in the early evening. Finally everything got a nice little drink. Some plants, a little too much.

Right before it started raining at home, I got to harvest a few things around the yard. It is not exactly a feast but it all was good. The basil went in salad and on grilled cheese. Raspberries in smoothie. (I now have to fight the birds and daddy long legs for what’s left of the fruit.) Green onion in salad. Kohlrabi, still waiting to be eaten.


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More June 18th pics, a June 19th for good measure.

Soupy hot weather today. For once, our Minnesota wind — that thing that blows every single day — came in handy in making the day a shade or two more tolerable, for the heat index was quite high. I couldn’t bring myself to do much of anything today, truth be told. Yesterday was only slightly better, but I was able to make it on a little jog without too much pain in the evening. I think it was because my surroundings were so pleasant. I couldn’t help myself and had to take these pictures in the middle of the jog last night.


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Oh hi, apocalypse sky

What weird weather today. Stormy all over the state, but nothing much here. It threatened to unleash something nasty all day, I thought, from my decidedly unscientific, unmeteorological perspective. Evidence: it was humid, and also I could feel it in my bones. Aside from a few rumblings of thunder and some sporadic, hard rain that didn’t last more than maybe a minute or so at a stretch, we saw nothing.

But then we got one of these weird sunsets which only seem to accompany severe weather, at least in my memory. I was sitting here, minding my own business, when I couldn’t help but notice that the living room was glowing eerily like the end of days. Of course I wanted some pictures. I got some, went back and inside, and was minding my own business once again when a bit later I felt lured to go back and take a few more. One more cycle of this and it was over; the sun, setting quite briskly, was the last voice in my hemming and hawing about whether to go out and take more pictures of the sunset. These pictures don’t adequately capture it at all, but I suppose they usually don’t.

1. It began all golden-colored. But everything but the sky was strangely reddish-hued, and the grass was really bright. Or was I just trippin? No! No, I was not.

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